424 Collection: A street perspective on men’s formal wear with a punk attitude. The collection is made of lightweight material and oversized silhouettes for the purpose of layering. The subtle placement of the graphics throughout the collection appear random but are very specific. If you want the all over print look you can have it if you wear multiple pieces at the same time. People should have fun putting together their own unique outfits. 

Artwork: The inspiration for the collection came when 424s head designer Guillermo Andrade was speaking with his brother, who was deported to Guatemala a few years ago. “Sitting at my computer on Google, I decided to look up the neighborhood where his brother was staying in and it really made me feel close to him. Being able to see what part of the planet he’s in brought me peace. The overhead shot of the city really inspired me. Not only did I see where my brother was, I also got to see this city, and all of these other people that live there.  It’s very humbling to see just how big the world actually is, and how small/available the internet has made it.” Stated Andrade.  I chose some spots around the world that inspire me: you see the coordinates for the Arc De Triumph. When you type the locations into Google you get a close look at that location. I was able to create the artwork with the use of my iPhone. I chose Google earth because it is an app that’s available to everyone. This is where the DIY punk influence comes into play, just download Google earth, find your place on the planet, type your location on top of the image, get some clear floss or thread, and stitch it onto your jacket. This is that community feel that our culture doesn’t have.  I want to bring that sense of pride in self and individuality back. Words like “rare”, “exclusive”, “limited” etc. mean nothing anymore. Personalized is best. 

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